Our Products

For Mortgage Banks and Depository Institutions


1. Repurchase Adjusted Profit Tool & Originator Rating (RAPTOR) system allows institutions to measure profitability across multiple channels and levels:

  • Company
  • Operation Center
  • Branch
  • Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)


2. RAPTOR tracks, analyzes and calculates profitability and production to give you a complete, proprietary analysis of what works and what needs work, allowing you to better:

  • Train your employees
  • Adjust staffing needs
  • Set discount prices on a micro level
  • Optimize branch profitability


3. RAPTOR Predictive Analysis incorporates a predictive analysis tool for clients to gauge future profitability based on multiple variables
What do your macro and micro numbers look like when you:

  • Additions or reductions to staffing level per branch
  • Modified loan pricing
  • Increase/decrease in volume of loans
  • Modified branch salary structures/bonuses


4. RAPTOR - L.O.R.S. An additional feature of RAPTOR is the Loan Officer Rating System (L.O.R.S.). Real-time ratings for individual loan officers on a 1-10 scale. Know quickly and easily your top performers, MLO’s in need of training and analytic insight into the overall health of you organization

5. Personal Feasibility Analysis (PFA) – Mitigates regulatory and legal risk related to QM, Non-QM and ATR by engaging consumers far beyond TILA/RESPA.


For Depository Institutions


1. Customized Policies, Methodologies and Systems for actively tracking and gauging residential mortgage risk on:

  • An individual basis
  • A portfolio basis


2. Tailored systems for stress testing your residential mortgage portfolio against a vast array of potential stress scenarios.

3. BASEL II & III Capital:

  • Calculations for residential mortgages
  • Compliance

4. Dodd-Frank Stress Capital:

  • Calculations for residential mortgages
  • Compliance


5. Loan default risk scoring (EQFA) with a focus on minimizing the cost of Type 1 and Type 2 errors (i.e., cost of accepting bad residential mortgages & rejecting good residential mortgages)

6. Economic data analysis for purpose of providing residential mortgage risk analysis


For Mortgage Servicers

1. Operational risk analysis of residential mortgage servicing:

  • Default analysis services
  • Loan modification analysis services
  • Foreclosure Review program