Learn about your credit score

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Credit Bureau Scores

The classic FICO credit scores available from the main credit bureaus in the United States and Canada.

Application Scores

Support the initial decision as to whether to accept a new applicant for credit

Behavior Scores

Risk estimators similar to application scores, but they use information on the behavior of existing credit account holders, e.g., usage of credit and delinquency history.

Revenue Scores

Aim at predicting the profitability of existing customers.

Response Scores

Predict the likelihood that a customer will respond to an offer.

Attrition Scores

Estimate the likelihood that existing customers will close their accounts, won't renew a credit such as a mortgage, or will reduce their balance on existing credits.

Insurance Scores

Predict the likelihood of claims from insured parties.

Tax Authority Scores

Predict whom the tax inspector should audit in order to collect additional revenues.