Mortgage Banks

Today traditional mortgage banks find themselves in unfamiliar waters when it comes to pressures applied by regulators, investors and market conditions. These challenging pressures are also an opportunity for industry participants to operate far more effectively and efficiently than they ever have in the past. The more effectively and efficiently a mortgage bank operates, inevitably the more profitable they are. The challenge is managing risks while increasing production volume to grow the top and bottom lines.

At Black Diamond Sentinel (BDS) we have developed a suite of next generation tools to measure profitability across multiple channels and levels, including predictive analysis to gauge future profitability based upon multiple variables. Our system tracks, analyzes and calculates profitability and production to provide clients a complete, proprietary analysis of what works and what needs work.

Embedded within our analytic's is a comprehensive, and easy to access Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) scoring system, which provides real-time ratings for individual MLO's across a range of vital variables. Allowing institutions to not only quickly know who your top performers are, but more importantly, why. The system also identifies which MLO's might be in need of training to improve the overall health and profitability of your organization.

Additionally, BDS has developed next level systems designed to mitigate regulatory and legal risk (QM, Non-QM & ATR) beyond TILA and RESPA while actively and holistically engaging borrowers. BDS's systems are not only designed to mitigate risks but provide transparency so that better decisions are made about setting reserves all while not impacting production volume. In fact BDS systems are integrated in such a fashion with value added features that will increase production and enhance borrower experience.

The industry is changing, will you be ahead of the change and in a position to grow market share while decreasing your risks?